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Our Toddler Program 19-35 months

Our Global Aware Care Toddler childcare rooms are always filled with lots of action!  This is a season of tremendous cognitive, emotional and social development in your child and we are grateful for the important role that we play in setting your child up for success.

The Global Aware Care childcare Toddler program builds daily routines and positive habits into your child’s day. These habits and routines set them up for success as they mature and grow. In addition our language rich environment encourages children to verbally express their needs and wants.  Our warm interactions instill confidence and independence – you will be amazed at what your Toddler can do!  

Toddlers exploring plants in a Summerside location room

A variety of mirrors and other reflective objects laid out on a table at the Summerside location to encourage toddlers to explore light.

Our Clean, Spacious and Curated Environment

At Global Aware Care your children enjoy home-like surroundings. A soothing, neutral colour palette is complemented by wood and other natural materials. The rooms are private, oversized and have large windows to provide lots of light. As a result of the beautiful environment, both the children and Educators deeply enjoy their learning environment.

Professional nightly cleaning ensures that the Centre is ready for your child each morning.   

Curated, Clutter-Free Rooms offer just the right amount of activities. We do this because we know that too many choices can be overwhelming for many Toddlers.

Well-equipped Outdoor Classrooms feature a variety of play options including climbing structures, natural materials, shaded areas, walkways for ride on toys, kitchens and science tables, picnic tables and more!

A shelf at the Summerside location filled with a variety of toys for the children to play with.

Our Daily Routine

Consistent, predictable routines provide Toddlers with the stability that grounds them and therefore frees them to do the work of childhood — to PLAY! 

4 Personal Care Blocks per day include hand washing, cleaning faces, meal time, nap time, diaper changing and toilet training. We watch closely for signs that your child is ready to start toilet training. 

Daily Indoor and Outdoor Learning Blocks: Both mornings and afternoons include an Indoor and Outdoor Learning block.  During these learning blocks, we introduce provocations designed to spark the interest of the children. These provocations are invitations and children are always welcome to pursue whatever catches their eye! 

Age-appropriate Outdoor Play: While outdoors, we carefully monitor and guide your children. We allow them to take the play risks necessary because we know that this enables them to build strength, confidence, and awareness of what their bodies can do.