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Why are we called Global Aware Care?

What’s in a name?  Everything, actually! Global Aware Care is multilingual, multicultural and multigenerational, by design. Everyone is welcome at Global Aware Care! We strive to provide the best possible care for children locally, because they are the global leaders of the future. In addition, we know that what children learn in their early years shapes their beliefs and actions for years to come.

We love to learn about the cultures, flavours and languages of the world. Check out our program plans, calendars, menus and room materials and we think that you will agree. At Global Aware Care we embrace the world and model global citizenship at all of our Centres.  

As global citizens, the children from our Centres will have the opportunity to make the world a better place, both locally and internationally.”

Global Aware Care Childcare children of the world

Local Giving 

Each year we partner with our families to show the children the joy of helping others of all ages. We also collect warm socks to Seniors, donate to local charities and collect holiday gifts and food and donate these items to needy families.


Community Involvement

We invest in the communities that we serve. This includes donating $3000 to families affected by the Ft. McMurray fire. In addition to money we donate our time. For example, we teach entrepreneurship and financial literacy by volunteering with Junior Achievement. We also sponsor, face paint and host activities at community league festivals. Finally, our Educators recently joined together to volunteer for the Terry Fox Run.

International Giving

We look for ways to give back, not only locally but also internationally. For instance, we contribute annually to Room to Read, a non-profit focused on improving literacy and gender equality in the developing world. Room to Read believes that “World Change Starts With Educated Children.” We couldn’t agree more!

Global Aware Care Summerside and  Lewis Farms Daycare volunteers at Terry Fox Run
Members of our Global Aware Care volunteer team for the 2019 Terry Fox Run