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Expert, Alberta-based Nutrition Advice

Alberta Health Services-approved Menus: Our menus have been reviewed and endorsed by AHS nutritionists who focus on Childcare Centres

Research-backed Menu Choices: Our Menus are inspired by our participation in the CHEERS project run by Mount Royal University in Calgary.  The CHEERS team, led by Dr. Lynne Lafave (PhD in nutritional sciences from the University of Manitoba) created the Creating Healthy Eating and active EnvirRonments Scale for child care. You can read more about their work at

Early Learning Centre (Daycare) Nutrition

Rotating Menus offer seasonal variety for our Breakfast, Hot Lunch and afternoon snack

Healthy, Balanced selections with an emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and non-meat proteins, milk and other dairy products, whole grains ad minimized use of processed foods, sugar and sodium

Experienced Chefs who bake weekly, prepare meals from scratch, and purchase locally grown food whenever possible

Active Observation of daily food intake combined with encouragement to try new foods ensures that your child’s nutritional needs are being met   

Flavours of the World are incorporated by introducing your child to a variety of international dishes from a very young age. 

Individualized Menus due to allergies and or cultural/religious beliefs are available for an additional fee, provided that we can safely meet your child’s needs within a group care context

Preschool and Out of School Care Nutrition

Convenient, healthy snacks are provided at no extra charge to you. Although there is a focus on convenience, due to the short length of our Preschool programs and our after school focus of being outdoors, we try to avoid processed foods and those with added sugars as much as possible.

Kid-tested by our Out of School Care children who help create the menus by completing annual surveys and showing us their favourite items that you send in their school lunch bags!