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Our Leadership Team

Global Aware Care is locally owned and privately operated.  We opened in 2013 and have grown to 4 locations in south and west Edmonton. 

We are a team of over 40 joy-filled Educators who take our calling very seriously and are proud of the important work that we do in the lives of children.

The Director at each location ensures the children and Educators have a great day and that you are very pleased our service. Our small Administrative team ensures that all fine details are in place to ensure the Centres are operating smoothly.

How we got started

Global Aware Care South Edmonton Owners and Family

Global Aware Care started because of a conversation between Allyson, our Founder and another hockey Mom about the lack of quality childcare in south Edmonton. At the time Allyson looking to make a career change, preferably entrepreneurial and ideally socially oriented.  Shortly after that conversation at hockey practice, Allyson founded Global Aware Care, as a way to provide south Edmonton families with globally-minded, high quality childcare.

The name Global Aware Care reflects the belief that all children, everywhere deserve access to Education and quality childcare.  Prior to marrying, both Allyson and her husband and co-owner Ralf each volunteered in orphanages (Allyson in Romania and Ralf in Costa Rica).  Both saw first-hand the importance of giving each child the very best care possible. Global Aware Care now cares for hundreds of children locally, while not forgetting the opportunities to make a difference in the lives of needy children everywhere.

Since opening in 2013, Global Aware Care has served over 1000 Edmonton families.  During this time, Allyson and Ralf have been raising their two children who are now in high school and University.  All decisions made at Global Aware Care, be it the menu, the Educators and/or the programming are made through the lens of: “Is this what I would want for my children?”  If you are looking for high quality care for your children, please consider putting your trust into Global Aware Care.  We’d love to meet you and show you how our team can make a positive difference in the life of your family!