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Our Dedicated, Certified and Engaged Educators

Global Aware Care Childcare Preschool Daycare Educator interacting with Toddler and Preschool children

Passionate, age-group focused Educators: We hand pick our Global Aware Care Educators because of their education, experience and also their passion for their chosen age group.

Government certified Early Childhood Professionals:  All of our Educators are early childhood certified and have clean criminal record checks and valid first aid certificates.

Almost all of our Educators have a diploma or degree in Education or Early Learning and Child Development. Most come to us with many years of experience in their field. Educators tell us that they are looking for a professional home and that Global Aware Care has a reputation of being among the best childcare employers in Edmonton!

Global Aware Care experienced Educator playing with Toddlers

Low Turnover at our Centres is due to many factors including an attractive compensation and benefits package. We also nurture a positive work culture. As a result, we have a stable, and harmonious environment where your child can thrive.

Strong teamwork in every room: We work in teams of two or three in each room. This provides accountability for Educators. It also provides the Educators with the inspiration and support needed to keep your child safe, engaged and thriving.

Global Aware Care Childcare Daycare Educator playing with Preschool and Toddler children

Nurturing, Language-Rich environment: Global Aware Care Educators express warmth and love for each child at our Centre. This includes affirming, respectful communication and positive guidance. For example, our language-rich environment includes “serve-receive” communication that is so important for healthy brain development.

Professional Development: We invest in our Educators and also support their professional development by encouraging regular engagement in learning opportunities. We also arrange monthly staff meetings to encourage collaboration and staying current in their field.

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