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Out of School Care   Kindergarten – Grade 6

Our Centres provide a safe and fun environment for children to enjoy before and after school.  We offer a variety of activities inside the classroom so that children can choose how they want to wind down after school.  There are opportunities to socialize with others and/or have a quiet space to read, craft or build.  Daily outdoor time is a chance for fresh air and exercise. All of our Centres employ talented, experienced Educators who truly enjoy connecting with your child each day!

Global Aware Care Blackmud Out of School Care children playing outside summer camp

Before School Dropoff: Our Centres open at 7am so that you can drop your children off and get to work on time.  We offer open ended play for children until it’s time for us to get them to their school bus.

Enriched Kindergarten Care: Kindergarten children in the Catholic School system attend Kindergarten for 3 hours per day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Public School Kindergarten children attend 3 hours per day, with early dismissal on Thursday and more PD Days throughout the year to match Catholic system of Thursdays off. 

As a result, most Kindergarten children spend more time at our Centres than they do at school.  We carefully plan our time to offer literacy and numeracy activities to supplement the Kindergarten curriculum.  We also offer circle time, story time and social stories to enhance your child’s social and emotional skill development. 

Global Aware Care Blackmud Out of School Care children playing outside in winter

After School Indoor and Outdoor Fun and Movement: We meet your child at their school bus stop and provide them with a healthy after school snack so that they are fueled for fun and activities.  We offer a variety of outdoor options and spend at least 30 minutes outdoors so that the children can enjoy fresh air and exercise.  Indoors the classrooms are set up with various Centres to suit each child: Arts & Crafts, Building, Cozy Corner, Dramatic Play and a Homework Zone.

Full Day Fun on School Holidays, Early Dismissal and Summer: We plan special activities for the children when they are with us for school holidays. This includes field trips, special guests and activities that require more time such as baking and walks to nearby playgrounds.  This includes inviting 3rd party providers to offer onsite programs such as Yoga and Taekwondo.  Our Summer Camp programming offers a choice of options including Sports, Art, Science and Baking and is highly recommended by current families and those from the community who join us for the summer.