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Savaryn Daycare, Preschool and Out of School Care


Our Savaryn location offers a variety of programming options to meet the needs of south Edmonton families:

  • Our Signature Preschool opened in 2015 and has grown to provide both AM and PM classes for families looking for the perfect combination of social and emotional learning, as well as literacy and numeracy preparation to ensure your child is ready to thrive at Kindergarten!
  • Our Flourish Preschool Classroom is a partnership with Flourish Family Centred Occupational Therapy & Co. to provide 3-4 year olds with possible speech or motor skill delays with extra support to reach their developmental milestones.
  • Our Savaryn Preschool Academy provides full-time and part-time all day childcare for toilet-trained children ages 3 and over. Social and emotional learning through play, Kindergarten readiness and outdoor adventures are also incorporated into this program.
  • Our Savaryn Out of School Care provides Before and After School Care for children attending Michael Strembitsky, Jan Reimer, Father Michael Mireau and Satoo.

Come and see our beautiful, bright and spacious location and the childcare services we offer. We have lots of parking and are conveniently located at 4357 Savaryn Drive, just off 91st Street and on the way to both the Summerside and Orchards neighborhoods.

Savaryn Out of School Care

Schools serviced: Father Michael Mireau, Jan Reimer, Satoo (Elementary only) and Michael Strembitsky  

School Board Yellow Bus Service for Father Michael Mireau, Jan Reimer and Satoo Schools

Global Aware Care Shuttle Bus Service for Michael Strembitsky (School board yellow bus service is not available)

Hours: 7:00am – 5:45pm

Why do families choose our OSC?

Convenient Transportation: All of our partner schools provide school bus transportation so you are not paying extra for a private shuttle that picks up children at multiple schools. The only exception is Michael Strembitsky which does not offer school bus service. In this case, we offer a private shuttle that goes directly to/from Strembitsky without making stops at multiple schools.

Spacious, comfortable, curated environment: After a long day of school, children can enjoy the many activities found in our classrooms and also have easy access to our outdoor green space.

Beloved Educators that truly care about your children: Our energetic, enthusiastic Educators are specifically chosen based on their interest in working with school-aged children. Most of our Educators are working towards or already have their Education or Early Childhood Development degree.

Global Aware Care Savaryn Flourish Preschool children playing

Savaryn Flourish Preschool

Our Flourish Preschool Classroom is a partnership with Flourish Family Centred Occupational Therapy & Co. to provide a specialized, supportive early learning service for 3-4 year olds who may have mild-moderate delays in speech or language, and/or fine and gross motor skills. Children with regulation, eating or play difficulties would also be a fit for this classroom.

What is a Flourish Classroom?

It is a warm, welcoming environment that inspires children to explore, play and wonder. Provocations are set up throughout the room to help children of all abilities develop language, cognitive, social and emotional and motor skills at their own pace. In collaboration with specialists, we plan activities based on the specific needs of your child.

Class Times:

Tuesday/Thursday 9:15-11:30am

Small Class Size: Up to 8 children

Class Fee: $390/month

Registration Fee: $100/family

Annual Materials Fee: $50/child

Why Flourish?

Our trained Flourish team provides personalized attention to help your child thrive. Our Occupational Therapist (OT), Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and Flourish Preschool Educator collaborate to develop a tailored program to help each child reach age-appropriate development milestones. Our low Educator to child ratio ensures that your child receives that extra, personalized attention that is so important in the early years. As well, as part of our Flourish Family partnership, we offer parent seminars and the opportunity to schedule private consultations at your home with our specialists.

Learn More/Register:

Global Aware Care Savaryn Flourish Preschool children playing

Pauline Fechner
Johanna LaVallee

or or 587 568 6910

Savaryn Signature Preschool

Our Signature Preschool program provides toilet-trained 3 and 4 year olds with a dynamic range of programming equally focused on academics (e.g. literacy, numeracy, printing) and social-emotional and regulation skills. At Preschool, your child will have lots of fun while learning, will make new friends be ready to enter Kindergarten with ease!

Class Times: 9:00-11:15am and 12:30-2:45pm

Class Options: 

  • 3 classes per week: Monday/Wednesday/Friday ($250/month)
  • 2 classes per week: Tuesday/Thursday ($185/month)
  • 5 classes per week: Monday through Friday ($410/month)

Educator Ratio: 1 Educator for up to 12 children

Registration Fee: $100/family

Annual Materials Fee: $50/child

Why do families choose our Signature Preschool?

Balanced, whole child approach: Both parents and teachers tell us how much they appreciate our balanced, whole child approach to Preschool.  Our experienced Educators skillfully integrate Reggio and the award-winning Frog Street Press curriculum into their program planning. 

Bright, inspiring learning environments: Our oversized and beautiful Preschool rooms are filled with an ever-changing assortment of fun and creative activities. 

Experienced, extraordinary Educators: Each of our Educators is passionate about making your child’s Preschool experience both fun and educational.  One of the best compliments we have received is from a teacher at a nearby school who said: “I can always tell the children who have come from Global Aware Care because of how well prepared they are for Kindergarten.” 

Hear What Parents Say

“This is our family’s second year with Global Aware and to say we are impressed is an understatement.

My Children have grown so much academically, emotionally, socially and in their independence …

I know the program played a big role in their development.”

Daniella L, Google Review – Savaryn Preschool

“My son looks forward to going and always has so much to tell me when his day is over.

The staff and teachers are all so welcoming, friendly and caring and the space is always neat and tidy.

It’s a great choice if you are looking to put your littles in a preschool program.”

Lisa D, Google Review – Savaryn Preschool

Meet the Director

Michelle, our Savaryn Operations Manager joined our team in 2015. During this time she completed her Bachelor of Education and has worked at all three of our south Edmonton locations.

Michelle recommends Global Aware Care because “it provides an enriching environment where kids can participate in creative and challenging activities and develop positive relationships with each other. We explore the children’s interests and encourage cooperation and teamwork.”

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