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COVID Precautions

We are taking COVID safety precautions at all Global Aware Care Daycare, Preschool and Out of School Care Centres very seriously. This includes meeting or exceeding the AHS COVID childcare guidelines. Here is what we are doing behind the scenes and what you can expect at our Centres.

Open for business and keeping albertans safe.
The safety of customers and staff of Alberta business is a priority. That's why this business is commited to:
Cleaning regularly, specifically in high traffic areas.
Wiping down and disinfecting surfaces.
Providing access to hand sanitizer.
Encouraging staff to stay home and away from others if sick.
Helping Albertans maintain physical distancing of 2 meters.
Having staff wear a face mask, when possible.

Behind the Scenes

Here are the COVID safety precautions we are taking at our Daycare, Summer Camp, Preschool and Out of School Care programs:

Excellent understanding of COVID Guidelines: Our revised practices meet or exceed the AB government COVID guidelines for Daycare and Out of School Cares and Preschools.

Educator Training: All Educators receive COVID-specific training upon their return to work. We want to keep children and Educators safe!

Enhanced Cleaning: We clean high touch surfaces multiple times daily and wash the toys more frequently. We sanitize the outdoor playspace between cohorts.

Solid supply of PPE: We have ample quantities of masks, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies. 

COVID-19 Childcare Best Practices Research: We are always researching to ensure our COVID practices are among the best in North America.

Local Advisory Committee: Our Health and Safety advisors, some of whom are the parents of children at our Centres, help ensure that we are keeping everyone safe.

Please do not enter if you:
Have a fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, or shortness of breath.
Are a close contact of a person who tested positive for COVID-19.
All other visitors, please wash your hands or clean them with hand sanitizer before and after your visit. Please maintain physical distancing of 2 meters.
Thank you for your cooperation.

What You Can Expect

Daily Screening Questionnaire: All families and Educators complete a daily COVID screening questionnaire each morning prior to dropoff.

Daily Temperature Checks: We take the temperature of children and Educators upon arrival each morning.

Front Door Dropoff and Pickup: We meet families at the front door for morning dropoff and afternoon pickup.

Essential Visitors Only who are symptom-free and wearing a mask are welcomed into the Centre.

Frequent Handwashing is a new normal at the Centre for everyone.

Illness Policy: To keep everyone safe, we do not make exceptions to the Illness Policy.

Program Closure: If there is a confirmed or probable COVID case, AHS will close the Centre for at least 72 hours. This allows time for contact tracing. If this happens we will provide virtual programming or care at an alternate Centre, if available.